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Q. How many weddings do you book per weekend?

A. Just yours!  My goal is to give you our undivided attention.  I book a limited number of weddings a season so contact me early!



Q. What if I change my mind about something and I've already accepted your proposal?

A. Open communication is one of my top priorities.  As your plans come together and changes come up or you would like to see an adjustment made, simply let me know.  Once we are under contract we can make any changes needed to ensure that your wedding day is perfect!



Q. Where do your flowers come from?

A. My priority is to source locally whenever possible!  Where your flowers come from depends on what varieties we are using and the time of year. During the Vermont growing season {typically June-October} I have access to an incredible selection of sustainably grown flowers and botanicals. Whenever possible we source locally, including from our own gardens!  We do have access to flowers grown all over the world.



Q. I don't know much about flowers.  Where do I start?

A. Don't worry!  During our consultation, I will ask you questions that will help me understand your vision and style, even if you're having a hard time articulating it.  I've worked with hundreds of couples...this is my job! I will make suggestions in your proposal about the kinds of flowers I believe will be best for your vision. You will even receive an inspiration board with examples of all of the flowers I refer to in your proposal.  



Q. Where can I see your work

I have an extensive portfolio of wedding designs that you can peruse on our GALLERIES page.  My work has also been featured over the years in bridal magazines and on many fine wedding blogs.



Q. I have no idea how much flowers cost.  Can you help me?

A. There are many variables that impact the cost of floral designs including the particular varieties of flowers, the time of year, volume, style, size and scope of your wedding, and more.  Flowers are perishable and labor-intensive to grow, process, and maintain. Quality flowers are an investment.  It is my goal to maximize your budget!



Q. Will you work with my budget?

A. I do have a typical minimum of $3,500-$5,000*.  Beyond that, it is my goal to maximize your budget while achieving the look and feel that you are going for.  It is possible that the dream wedding flowers in your favorite bridal magazine or on your Pinterest board and your budget aren't compatible.  I can help guide you to suitable alternatives and suggest ways to accomplish your vision within your budget.

Smaller weddings are considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the date. 

*This minimum is typical, however, if the size and scope of your wedding designs are more elaborate, this minimum may increase.

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