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You're planning your Vermont Wedding.  Congratulations!  Please fill out the form below to request a consultation.  When I receive your request, I will contact you and we can talk more.  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions as you prepare for our conversation.

INVESTMENT NOTES:  The budget is the least fun part of the flower discussion AND it's one of the most important.  A lovely conversation and exploration of your vision isn't a good use of time if your budget can't accommodate it!  Our minimum for simple events is $3500.  Typically, this accommodates a wedding party that does not exceed six people, including the couple; fewer than 100 guests; and simple floral accents for ceremony and reception.  Most of our couples are at a $5000 minimum which can accommodate a larger wedding party OR a larger guest list OR select statement arrangements.  Couples prioritizing floral design as a focal part of their visual aesthetic can expect a $10,000 minimum. Remember, we're FULL SERVICE and your investment includes delivery and set up!

Planning a micro-wedding or elopement?  Packages available outside of these minimums.  MORE INFO>


Sometimes technology doesn't always work as intended.  If you submit this form and do not hear back from me within 48 hours, please email me at

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