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Kristin & Cody | Real Vermont Wedding

Updated: Jan 16

Kristin and Cody planned a 2020 wedding, but like so many plans, COVID-19 intervened. Ultimately, they had two weddings, one in 202o and one in 2021. Unexpected events and my dear friend Shana of Copper Events introduced me to this sweet couple. Kristin and Cody expressed their desire for lots of color and let me bring their vision to life with creative license. An overcast, windy day on the lake provided mood and contrast to the saturated colors of their floral designs: fuchsia, coral, magenta, plum.

All designs featured locally grown dahlias, including the lush ceremony arrangements at the Pier Bar. Jackson vine spilled over the tables at the North Hero Community Hall. Roses, dahlias, stock, and berries were tucked together with plump grapes, citrus fruit, and ripe figs.

Kristin had this to say:

People who attended our wedding have been raving about our floral, including locals who didn't even attend the wedding but could see from a distance, and saying it was something they had never seen before - which is exactly what we asked SJ to do. My spouse and I feel that the floral was one of our favorite parts of the whole wedding. SJ combined bright flowers with berries, grapes, citrus, and greenery - to create something so beautiful against a backdrop of the blue and moody Lake Champlain. Not only is she talented, but her professionalism and warmth made her one of the best vendors we worked with through our entire 2+ years-long (Covid) wedding process. Thank you again SJ for bringing our vision to life.

Check out photos by Jesse Schloff Photography



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